Our Products

Washougal Coffee Company sources our high quality products from a number of local vendors. We take time to find the best for our customers and stand by the products we offer in our shop.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters was started in Portland in 1999. The company has grown tremendously over the years and now has global reach, sourcing high quality beans from all of the world's coffee growing regions. Washougal Coffee Company has partnered with Stumptown since our inception, and we carry many of the different roasts they offer. We utilize blends known as "Hair Bender", "Holler Mountain", and "Trapper Creek" as our daily espresso, drip, and decaf options, and feature a rotating cast of single origin coffees in other drip and pour-over options. Be sure to ask what's currently available next time you're in! if you like what you have, we probably have a bag of the beans it was made with for sale as well.

Baron Patisserie

Baron Patisserie is an authentic French Patisserie located in Vancouver. Washougal Coffee Company has partnered with Baron to supply fresh and delicious pastries daily to the shop. Assorted sweet and savory pastries arrive early each morning and pair wonderfully with your favorite coffee drink.

Killa Bites

Killa Bites, of Ridgefield, provides tasty cake bombs and biscotti for Washougal Coffee Company. They offer us many creative flavors from Lemon-Lavender frosted biscotti (great with a cup of our drip coffee!) to cakebombs in flavors like Raspberry Cheesecake (try one with a Mocha for that delicious Raspberry-Chocolate flavor combination).


The Teapigs story begins in the UK in 2006. The two founders wanted to reintroduce the UK, and eventually the world, to "real tea". They set out on a mission to do that by creating some of the best teas by using the highest quality ingredients, while also focusing on sustainability and ethical partnerships. Washougal Coffee Company offers a wide variety of Teapigs products, both by the cup and in packages of their biodegradable temples.

Black Scottie

Black Scottie Chai began in the early '90's as a company owned by Co-Founder Bill Jahn known as Granelli Ice which marketed upscale smoothie mixes. The company has grown and evolved over the years to become the producer of high quality Chai concentrates it is today. Bill and his wife Beverly still run the company along with their son Tyler. The company's name comes from Beverly's beloved Sottish Terriers. Though Basil, the dog whose image is reflected in the company logo, sadly passed away in early 2020 the company continues to thrive. Their mission is to make the best products they can make, using the highest quality ingredients, and to spread joy to the people who enjoy them. Washougal Coffee Company is proud to serve Black Scottie Chai and Spiced Apple Wassail in our store.

The Better Bar

Adventurer and gourmet chef Brody Durant set out to create a healthy, delicious, portable snack that is free of major allergens, vegan, raw pressed, and safe for Celiacs and those with peanut allergies. The result: The Better Bar. The Better Bar is proudly made in Portland, and offered in original and dark chocolate dipped flavors. It makes the perfect on the go snack for the health-conscious eater, and provides a smooth energy boost. We are proud to offer The Better Bar at Washougal Coffee Company, and since its introduction it has developed quite the following among customers with and without dietary restrictions.

Marsee Baking

Marsee Baking of Portland, OR, has been producing high quality baked goods for decades. We have sourced our breads from them for our made in-house breakfast and lunch sandwich offerings.