Whether you're looking for a branded hat, shirt, or mug, or shopping for your home coffee making experience, we have some great items available for sale in-store!

WCC Branded Apparel

Classic Washougal Coffee Company Shirt

Our classic unisex 100% cotton tee is available in both black and blue and proudly displays the full Washougal Coffee Company logo on the chest.

Price: $20

"Shoug" Tee

This is our new "Shoug" Tee! This shirt is an upgrade over our original Tee with a more comfortable fit, new color scheme, and "shoug life" graphic on the back. Its a great way to represent your favorite coffee shop and your town!

Price: $25

Women's Cut "Shoug" Tee

Finally a Washougal Coffee Company branded shirt for women! The same upgraded material as our unisex "Shoug" shirt, but specifically designed for women. Features a beautiful deep red color, side graphic, and "the shoug life" scripted on the back accompanied by the WCC logo.

Price: $25

WCC Hats

Two great hats to choose from! First, available in blue is what we like to call the "dad hat" (though you don't have to be one to wear it!). The dad hat is adujstable and has the classic centered logo on the front. If you're looking for something a little more bold, check out the trucker hat. This hat is available in black, like the dad hat it has an adjustable fit, and features a mesh back with an offcenter logo one the front. Both hats feature "the shoug life" written on the back.

Price: $20

WCC Branded Drinkware

Coffee Mugs

Take home a great looking coffee mug! We have two beautiful ceramic mugs to choose from. The black camp mug has a large handle and just enough weight, if you close your eyes you can almost feel like you're sipping hot coffee by the fire with the birds chirping and the sun coming up in the forest. On the other hand, the cream-colored diner mug has a sleek, classic design reminiscent of the diners of yesteryear. Either way you can't go wrong!

Price: $12


Introducing the Washougal Coffee Company hydroflasks! These durable 16oz genuine hydroflasks are great for taking your coffee on the run, whether you brew it at home or buy it in the shop. The hydroflasks feature two colors, black and blue, both emblazoned with the WCC logo as well as a non-slip finish and a tight sealing lid to avoid drips and spills.

Price: $27.50

Home Coffee Supplies

Bee House Dripper

The Bee House Coffee Brewer is a classic and aesthetically pleasing coffee brewer that helps you make great coffee at home! Set the dripper over your mug and brew away for a delicous cup of your favorite Stumptown roast.

Price: $25

Chemex Brewer

The "Cadillac" of home coffee brewers, the Chemex is both beautiful and functional. Make one to six cups of perfectly brewed coffee, then simply decant into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Price: $45.50

Bee House Filters

Package of 100 filters for the Bee House dripper.

Price: $5.75

Chemex Filters

Package of 100 filters for the Chemex Brewer.

Price: $8.90

Coffee and Tea

Stumptown Coffee

We carry a variety of Stumptown's roasts in colorful 12oz bags for you to take home! Year-round blends like Holler Mountain and Hair Bender, single origin coffees from the coffee making regions of the world, and occasional special blends are available. All coffee can be sold whole bean, or ground specifically for your brewing method.

Price: Year-round blends $15.50, Single Origin/Special Blends: $18.50

Black Scottie Chai and Wassail

These are 8oz personal size glass bottles of delicious Black Scottie Chai and Wassail Concentrates. They are the same great products we use in the shop. Black Scottie's Chai is perfectly balanced; not too sweet, not too spicy, just mix with hot or cold milk for a tasty Chai Latte! The Spiced Apple Wassail features big, juicy apple flavor with warm mulling spices, perfect for a chilly fall or winter day.

Price: $16

Teapigs Tea

We carry 10 or more varieties of high quality Teapigs Teas. Great hot or iced, the teas come boxed and are filled with single-serve sachets ready for your favorite mug!

Price: Tea $10 Matcha $15